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Software download, version 1.2.1: requires java 8, if you don’t have it installed please download from here:¬†Java download

Update the firmware to be able to use all functionalities

User manual: Wiki is a completely new device designed to respond to the needs of different groups of people. It is an all-in-one instrument: it combines an oscilloscope, a multimeter and an audio capture device. Can be simply used like a smart plug for your home or a power analyzer for your lab. You can control with our open source pc software or from your smartphone using the web interface.

What it is?
Have you ever wanted to monitor the power consumption of an appliance in your home, turning it on or off remotely? Are you a hobbyist tinkering with an electronic device and you want to view the current and voltage waveform of a transformer or a power supply? Are you a professional looking for a portable and light device to help you identifying faults? Are you a crypto miner and you want to monitor the power consumption of your farm? Now you can.

It simply works like an extension cord: connect between the power source and the appliance. has three communication interfaces: a usb port for a fast data transfer and raw samples streaming, a dual CAN bus connector to chain multiple devices using ethernet cables and a CAN to USB adapter, a wifi web-server that allows you to monitor the device from a browser even remotely.

How to use: can be used as:

  • Oscilloscope: this function allows you to see the waveform and all the parameters of the AC signal
  • Multimeter: works as a classic multimeter showing you DC or AC voltage and current measures
  • Audio Capture Device: in this mode the input signal is streamed in real time to the PC allowing you to record or analyze it with you favorite audio software (example Audacity)
  • Event logger: it allows you to set a range of values and execute different types of command (as you usually write them in your terminal) when the thresholds are exceeded (open a program, send an email/text message, …)
  • Energy monitor: in the home panel you can monitor the electricity bill of all the connected devices by setting the cost of electricity specified in your contract
  • CAN bus Table: this function is useful to view all the data in a single panel if you have multiple chained using RJ45 cables

– Works with both DC and AC power sources
– 5V USB powered
– Two voltage channels and one current channel
– Built in relay to enable or disable power output
– IEC C13-C14 connectors
– One USB port, two RJ45 connectors, one wifi module
– CAN bus supports up to 64 chained devices
– Four status leds: board ready, output on, output overload, wifi status
– One button for manual relay toggle
– Maximum voltage: 390Vdc or 275Vac
– Maximum current: 10A (15A unfused)
– Frequency: 10Hz to 500Hz
– Easy replaceable fuse
– Measure voltage as low as 1mVdc or 0.1Vac
– Measure current as low as 1mAdc or 10mAac
– High voltage isolation: 7mm clearance with air gaps
– Size: 180mm x 100mm x 50mm (7in x 4in x 2in)
– Weight: 240g (8.5oz)

What makes it special?
– Measures: voltage, current, frequency, active power, apparent power, reactive power, cos phi, active energy, apparent energy, reactive energy
– Power input and output are isolated from the communication section
– Tolerates large overloads for short periods
– Can stream voltage and current samples via USB like an audio capture device
– Open source software
– Designed and Assembled in Italy

Why did you make it?
Our goal is to create a simple, reliable and easy to use device at an affordable price. not only is specialized in energy metering but also mixes multiple instruments, allowing you to see voltage and current waveforms, helping you recognize faults. You can diagnose motor speed controllers, uninterruptible power supplies, and many other appliances.

We want that you receive in the same condition as it left our lab, so we created a robust package with high quality materials to keep products safe.

In the box:
– USB cable (1m / 3.3ft)
– IEC to universal plug adapter (10A rated)
– USB to CAN kit* (USB to CAN adapter, 1m / 3.3ft RJ45 cable, bus terminator)

Wiring diagram: